9 (Nine) Perfect Bridal Poses Essential In Ever Wedding Photography

Date- Sep 05 2019

Wedding is the most important day in couples life from starting to end it is a fairytale of a lot of stories, emotions, and love. As time passes these memories shatters from the brain, so photographs become the only way to rejoicing these memories. Photographers are hired to cover up the most important parts of the wedding. From the preparing to the first look, to the function, to the reception there are so too many important moments that are needed to be captured.

These are moments that will add to the story you tell with the pictures you take for the duration of the day, which you would then be able to add to the wedding album. For this, you need the Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow who is master in his tricks. Ekta Studio is one best wedding studio which has a team of a hardworking and equipped photographer who can make your day really special.

Weddings are a pack of the ceremonies, rituals, pledges and in particular the fantasies that follow ahead. But what makes Indian weddings the most radiant among all the wedding around the globe is pretty of bride and groom which is eye-catching for the guests. To enhance this beauty the photographer tries to click photos from various poses as a collection of a wedding album. Today we will discuss 7 bridal wedding poses that look best in your wedding album:

1. Haldi:

The devout function starts with lighting up the bride with Haldi glue. This is a sensational custom. On one hand, the bride is concerned that outrageous tint of yellow can deface her whole look, though the aunties and bhabhi's are in no state of mind to release the bride without having dunked her in Haldi glue. It is highly unlikely that you would need to miss clicking the bride now. The bride, for the most part, wears hues, for example, yellows and oranges as a haldi bridal wear. This is most beautiful pictures for candid shots which is full of joy and happiness.

2. Bridal Mehendi:

The following pic holds a merit spot in your wedding album. The Mehendi is an integral part of the bride’s makeup practically in all Indian societies. The thought is to take a nearby of the Mehendi and leave the bride face or body out of core interest. A Mehendi night is loaded up with henna, music, move, dhol and heaps of fun. For a Mehendi night, the photographer should make hype on the face and bridal wear and get the best result out of it.

3. Bridal Make-Up:

As I referenced the magnificence of a bride is a paradise for the eyes. You could gaze at her for the whole day and still not get tired of it. So you have to click a couple of pics while she gets all decked up. This gives sore enchantment to your wedding collection. Never bother the bride and the makeup professional while makeup session. Both need to concentrate on the trending Bridal makeup. This also an essential pose for your wedding album.

4. Bridal Wear:

The best and most beautiful of all the coming pictures that you are going to snap is the bride sitting in the entirety of her loftiness and charm. Catch her with her wedding lehenga or the marriage saree without fail. One of the numerous wedding photography tips is that the marriage wear will have a lot of embroideries, sequin, lace, gotta Patti and many other different types of blinds on it, so ensure the lights and settings work best to catch this as one of the numerous wedding photographs.

5. The Ghunghat:

Take a perfect bridal pose with Ghunghat. Make the Ghunghat fall on half of the face, and uncover of it. This will be the perfect click for the evening as it contains both cultural and moral value.

6. Bride and Bridesmaids:

Time of the beasties to take the frame in their control. Yes, get all those pretty beasties, and let them make their favorite pose. The one they have tried and tested over the years, just that now the click are full of happiness and joy.

7. Bridal Bangles:

Click on the photo with the bride facing her bangles on her face with a dim light in the background keeping the full flash on the face of the bride. This photo will enrich the happiness on the face bride.

8. The Bridal Entry Pose:

Capture this beauty because it’s not going to happen anytime. The royal entry of bride with their holding shadow for her descried the perfect cultural heritage of the society.

9. Saath Pheras:

It may be hard to get a faultless snap of the pheras during the service. So it would be an extraordinary thought to make the lady of the hour and husband be ribbon their hands together and make a signal of movement before the sacred formal flame, previously or after the real function.


These are perfect poses that are tried and tested for the years and they give a full collection of the sincerity of the bride on their day of the wedding. The best wedding photographer tries to capture this with natural beauty and charm that is perfectly suited for their wedding album. Ekta studio has served and conserved this beauty with providing the best result within the budget of the client.